Stepping away from a sport you’ve played for 20 years is a hard thing to do.  Katy helped me to smoothly transition from a professional baseball player into a business owner of a baseball and softball training facility.  Whenever the athletes I train are struggling with the mental aspect of the game, I always reach out to Katy for help.  I deeply care about my athletes’ personal success, and I wouldn’t trust them with anybody else.

-Joel Sharon, Part Owner and Director of Player Development, Delta Sports Performance


Throughout the course of the 2018 season, Katy provided the necessary support to a number of our players by building relationships with them which allowed them to feel the inner-freedom to perform at their best.  The ability to handle both failure and success is essential to athletes, especially baseball players.  Katy’s willingness to help and ability to communicate effectively with our players played an important role in their development.  I noticed significant improvement in the mental approach and confidence of each player she worked with which resulted in higher levels of performance on the field.

-Willi Martin, Assistant Manager, Utica Unicorns, United Shore Professional Baseball League


Working with Katy has had a major impact on the way I approach the game.  She’s helped me get into a right mindset and stay in the right mindset on and off the field with different mental cues.  She helped me understand myself better consciously, subconsciously while playing or even through my day-to-day routines.  She showed me how positive talk can really impact the turnouts of how I bounce back from failure, or staying consistent while playing.  Since working with Katy, my consistency has really shown.  She’s amazing at what she does, and I can’t thank her enough.

-Donald Wanner, RHP United Shore Professional Baseball League #10